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May Book Recommendations

It's warming up, brightening up, and the outdoors are calling! Take a look at what we're loving on the bookshelf this month.

America's National Parks

This book has amazing facts, photos, and illustrations throughout to share information on America's National Parks!

Let Us Play I SPY Camping!

We love this book for the fun, interactive ability to use describing and predicting skills!

Wilderness Survival Guide

A great book for teaching kids the basics of survival in the wilderness: first aid, how to build a fire, how to defend yourself, and more!

Flat Stanley Goes Camping

One of our favorite book characters takes us on an adventure of camping!

Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping

Another one of our favorite book characters takes us on all of her fun and unpredictable camping adventures!

Good Night Campsite

As part of the well-known "Good night" series, this book is wonderful for toddlers to learn new vocabulary associated with the experiences of camping.

Biscuit Goes Camping

Another classic that takes you through the vocabulary, word repetition, and simple reading of a camping adventure.

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