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Pediatric Occupational Therapy

At West Valley Speech Therapy, our pediatric occupational therapists can help your child develop the skills needed for self-care, play, social relationships, and academic success. We design fun and highly interactive therapy sessions to teach skills that will improve your whole family's quality of life.

Occupational therapy services take place in our clinic, in your home, or online via teletherapy. 
Morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend appointments are available for your convenience! 

How to Know if Your Child Needs an Evaluation

Your child may benefit from an occupational therapy evaluation if any of the following issues apply:

  • Difficulties with feeding, persistent food aversions, or a significantly limited diet

  • Lack of age-appropriate play skills

  • Trouble persisting through hard tasks, tolerating frustration, or regulating emotions

  • Seeking or avoiding certain movements or sensations

  • Difficulty with attention and organization 

  • Falling behind in school

Our Occupational Therapy Evaluation Process

We will begin by evaluating your child's sensory, motor, coordination, and regulation skills to determine whether a delay or disorder may be present. Our process includes:

  • A parent interview

  • Formal standardized assessment

  • Rapport building to establish a therapeutic relationship

  • Education about developmental milestones


Following the evaluation, we will work with your family to design a therapy plan. All new clients are required to participate in an evaluation unless they can provide a recent evaluation report from within the past 12 months.

What We Treat

Sensory Integration • Developmental Delays
Strength and Coordination • Fine Motor Delays • Self-Help Skills
Handwriting • Visual Processing Skills

Signs of a Delay/Disorde
Child playing in occupational therapy in Arizona
Child doing art in occupational therapy for fine motor development in Arizona
Our Approach to
Occupational Therapy

West Valley's approach to therapy is three-pronged:


We believe in the power of play

We are relationship-centered

We focus on your whole family

Our occupational therapy sessions are highly interactive, practical, and FUN, which will keep your child coming back for more! We get our clients engaged in the learning process and teach them what they are working on, which results in meaningful growth and greater independence. Teamwork makes the dream work, so we educate parents and encourage family members to get involved in therapy sessions as well. 

How We Can Help
Your Child Thrive

Occupational therapy services focus on the identification and treatment of functional living skills including sensory processing, fine motor skills, emotional regulation, coordination, and adaptive skills. We can help your child regulate themselves in familiar and unfamiliar settings, improve their coordination abilities through core and midline strengthening, improve their fine motor skills development, and promote emotional regulation and increased frustration tolerance.


It is our goal to build upon your child's current skills and support the areas that they may struggle in so that they can fully participate in their daily routines at home, school, and out in the community! 

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