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What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Your team is amazing! My daughter is doing so well! She’s really speaking so much better!”

“Thank you for the work you do. I love that you worked on frustration during a game and being able to lose. You are just incredible! You have made such a difference in her little world.”

“My daughter came to Miss Kristin a few months ago, and she’s like a whole new kid now. She talks so much and is easy to understand. She looks forward to speech every week and always has a good time at her sessions. I’d recommend West Valley Speech Therapy to anyone who needs them! I’m also possibly going to send my older son there for their sensory gym.”

“West Valley Speech Therapy has been such a blessing for our family! When I began my search for speech therapy for my son, it felt overwhelming. I wasn’t sure who to call or what company to choose. It felt like it was meant to be when I saw that Kristin was starting her practice. She has been great with our two year old from the start, and the in-home sessions have been a great fit with our already busy schedule. After being shy at first, our little one has grown to love his sessions with Kristin and is excited to get started when she arrives. It is clear that Kristin is well-planned for each session, with materials specific to my son’s needs and goals. Our son has made great progress since he started with West Valley Speech Therapy just a few months ago. I would recommend this company and Kristin without hesitation to anyone who is looking for speech therapy for their child.”

“I’m so happy that I found West Valley Speech Therapy to help with my daughter’s speech issues. Kristin has been nothing short of amazing! From the first time I discussed my concerns with her, I was anxious to get the process started. Kristin acted quickly and professionally, getting an evaluation scheduled and conducted with my daughter. Subsequently, she reviewed and explained the evaluation results in detail and presented customized treatment plans without any pressure. Based on these initial interactions with Kristin I felt confident in moving forward with therapy for my daughter. Our daughter looks forward to her therapy sessions with Kristin. Each session is always well thought out and organized to include a fun, interactive lesson with a specific focus. Not only does Kristin work well with my daughter, but she makes sure that I understand the current focus (letter sounds and mouth/tongue placement) and encourages us to practice at home. She is truly dedicated to my daughter’s progress as well as parental satisfaction. I can’t say enough great things about West Valley Speech Therapy. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, I strongly recommend that you reach out to Kristin.”


We look forward to serving your family and watching your child grow! 

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