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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holiday Season! Here are some of our top toys and activities for each age group! *See below for our disclaimers*

For The Babies: 0-18 months

Inflatable Tummy Time Mat

Why we love this: This encourages exploration while on the tummy, which is crucial for infant development of the core, neck, and overall body strength and coordination.

Baby Tissue Box Toy

Why we love this: This is a great toy for all stages of infancy! This encourages cause and effect, object permanence, turn taking, and the exploration of senses. This also encourages play while on tummy and in sitting position.

B. toys – Soft Fabric Building Blocks for Toddlers

Why we love them: We love these for developing motor skills through the early infant and toddler years. These are also great for all of the language building blocks: turn taking, cause and effect, and joint attention!

Multi Sensory Ball Why we love them: These balls have different textures for sensory exploration and they are just the right size to encourage hand grasp and using both hands together! They encourage cause and effect, sensory development, and concept development!

Fat Brain Toys InnyBin

Why we love it: Targets problem solving, perseverance, concepts,

and turn taking with a caregiver.

Fisher Price Rattle N Rock Maracas

Why we love them: These encourage cause and effect and work on baby's hand grasp and improves fine and gross motor skills.

Giant Rock-a-Stack Toy

Why we love it: This super-sized stacking toy bring fun problem solving to a traditional baby toy. Targets concepts, colors, turn taking, and cause and effect!

Colorful Stacking Blocks

Why we love them: These are wonderful for exploring textures, building hand grasp, developing stacking skills, and targeting language concepts!

Crawling Crab Baby Toys

We love this item for it's cause and effect enhancement and we love the encouragement for baby to catch it while on their tummy or crawling!

The Early Years: 18-36 months

Personalized Name Puzzles

Why we love it: This is a great way to start working on letter recognition with letters in their own name. Also targets fine motor and visual planning skills!

Fisher Price Little People Animal Farm Friends

Why we love it: This has all of the classic farm animal fun without any of the extra bells or whistles, which is why we love it. A simple farm house allows for toddlers to add their own animal sounds and encourages more vocal play!

Fat Brain Toys SpinAgain Kids Stacking Toy

Why we love it: This allows for engaging in turn taking, cause and effect, vocabulary with size and colors.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

Why we love it: This is a classic favorite! We love this toy for its ability to engage in simple cause and effect skills and facilitating turn taking. This also incorporates great concepts like, open, close, in, out, more, all gone, full, empty, colors, animals, and counting!

Durable Pound A Ball Toy for Toddlers

Why we love it: This simple toy packs a lot of punch. This encourages problem solving, cause and effect, turn taking and allows for opportunities for vocal play. This also encourages gross motor and eye hand coordination!

Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

Why we love it: Bring on the stacking fun! Problem solving, predicting, and cause and effect are great skills targeted with this toy!

Water Sink and Color Changing Dishes

Why we love this: This encourages pretend play, vocabulary, cause and effect, and predicting!

Inflatable Bee Bouncer

Why we love this: This encourages balance, coordination, and provides great sensory input!

Mini Chef Kitchen

Why we love it: This is a kitchen that will grow with your child through the ages and stages! Play kitchens are great for pretend play, creative play, vocabulary, turn taking, and independent play.

Silly Sucker Suction Cup Toys

Why we love these: These are so fun with great sound effects, problem solving, and creative play and building.


The Preschool Years: 3-5 years

Montessori Screw Driver Board

Why we love this: This is a great toy for independent play, sensory exploration, problem solving, fine motor development, and advanced cause and effect skills.

Melissa & Doug Fold & Go Wooden Barn

Why we love it: A classic farm toy that encourages pretend play and narrative language skills! This allows for concept development, sound development, and social skill development!

Farmers Market Velcro Food Set

Why we love it: Another classic traditional toy that encourages pretend play and narrative language skills. This also builds fine motor skills, concept development, and daily living skills!

LEGO DUPLO Trash & Recycle Set

Why we love it: This encourages so many great skills with pretend play and language development! Children can build and create play scenes while growing their concepts and vocabulary.

PicassoTiles Magnetic Tiles

Why we love it: We love magnetic tiles for so many reasons! They encourage creative play, pretend play, and social skill development.

Fisher Price Little People Camper Set

Why we love it: A great toy for interactive play, encouraging pretend play, predicting, and social language development. Concepts and vocabulary are also targeted. Just one thing- take the batteries out so your kiddos can make their own sound play!

Fisher Price Little People Around the Neighborhood Vehicle Park

Why we love it: This is great for interactive play! This encourages pretend play, social play, and narrative language!

Flower Garden Building set

Why we love it: We love how this creative build-your-own garden set encourages creativity, open play, problem solving.

Wooden Car Ramp

Why we love it: We love the simplicity of this car ramp- no loud bells and whistles and no fancy levers. Just simple ramps with cars, allowing kids to add their own sounds, actions, and creative play.

Pretend Play Baby Doll

Why we love this: This is a great toy for all ages and all genders. This encourages pretend play with turn taking, role play, and narrative language.


The Early School Years: 5-8 years

Connect 4

Why we love it: This game is so simple yet so fun! While targeting turn taking, waiting, planning, and problem solving, this game hits a lot of our major executive functioning skills!


Why we love it: This game is packed full of fun, strategy, and concept development. Working on numbers, colors, matching, and language concepts, this game helps develop great early academic skills.

The Floor is Lava! Interactive Game

Why we love it: This game is great for indoor or outdoor play! Encouraging gross motor development, balance, core strength and whole body coordination, this game incorporates movement in a strategy and problem solving format!

Magna-QUBiX magnetic cubes

Why we love it: For just as many reasons as we love magnetic tiles, we love these magnetic cubes! This set encourages building, creative play, planning, and pretend play skills.

Mini Dart Board with Sticky Balls

Why we love it: This encourages kids to move and take turns in a fun, interactive game. Facilitates gross motor skills, planning, and strategy while also teaching concepts with numbers, positions, and colors.

Doodle & Writing Tablet

Why we love it: This is a simple, yet engaging tablet for kids that encourages the development of fine motor and creative skills. Plus, this comes in blue & pink- great for everyone!


The Later School Years: 9-12 years

Flipslide Game

Why we love it: Flip, slide, and match up colors! This fun, time-pressured game encourages strategy, planning, and problem solving.

Life Skills for Tweens

Why we love it: A great navigational guide to all things in life as tweens figure out the in between stage of being a kid and a teen.

Night Lights Bluetooth Speaker

Why we love it: This serves multiple purposes as a lamp, an alarm clock and a speaker! A great way to encourage music while growing independence!

Guess in 10 Marvel Edition

Why we love it: This is a fun and competitive game that encourages vocabulary, providing relevant details, asking questions, and comprehension- all while working with others!

Tie-Dye Party Kit

Why we love it: We love this for the creativity and the art of getting messy! And kids can appreciate their own creation!

Paint & Plant Gardening Kit

Why we love it: This wonderful do-it-yourself gardening kit encourages creativity, responsibility, and teaches the process of planting.

SHASHIBO Shape Shifting Box

Why we love it: This is entertaining and mind-intriguing for all ages!

Bears and Bees Game

Why we love it: This strategic game works on problem solving, strategy, and planning, which are great skills for this age!


The Teen Years: 13 and up


Why we love it: Builds vocabulary, inferencing, and cooperative skills while having a blast with solving the clues.

Moon Lamp Lava Lamp

Why we love it: This brings a sense of calm yet wonder to your teen's room. This has 16 different colors to choose from and a handy-dandy remote.

Cover Your Assets Card Game

Why we love it: Super fun, outrageous, and interactive- this is a great and easy game to learn and play with the older kids in the family.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

Why we love it: Bringing back the old classic photographs, this mini camera is easy to take with you everywhere! And the photos print on the spot, which makes it fun for instant printing!

Pickleball Paddles & Balls Set

Why we love it: Pickleball is the latest rage, and we understand why! It's fun, fast paced, and easy to learn. A great way to get outside and move!

Vinyl Record Player with built-in Bluetooth Receiver

Why we love it: This is great for the music lover in the family. We love this one because it can connect to a bluetooth device while still playing vinyl records!

Artsy Fartsy Game

Why we love it: A fun spin on a new picture-drawing game, this game brings an element of immature fun to each play!

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